Learn how to catch more game by reading

The Harris's Hawk Revolution!

Falconers flying any species of hawk will find a wealth of valuable information on hunting in Chapters 8 through 12.

Chapter 8. Scouting for Game: A skill many falconers lack is the ability to find good, safe hunting spots. Don't waste time hunting in areas with low game abundance. Scout to find profitable hunting spots instead! We reveal the secrets of scouting.

Chapter 9. Hunting Methods and Strategies: Effective hunting requires forethought. The falconer must plan ahead. Various hunting methods are covered, including when each type is most effective for the quarry, wind conditions, and hunting spot.

Chapters 10 and 11. Furred and Feathered Quarry: The two chapters devoted to furred and feathered quarry provide insight into the habits of prey types and species. There is a lot of new ground covered here from tactics for hunting species such as: antelope jackrabbit,  white-tailed jackrabbit, brush rabbit, roe deer, chukar, woodcock and ducks. There are also helpful tips for encouraging Harris’s Hawks to hunt large quarry such as jackrabbits and hares.

Chapter 12. Hawking Trips and Falconry Meets: Hawking trips are a great way to expand your horizons while at the same time making your hawk more versatile.  We offer advice about everything to do with travel from managing your hawk while on the road, including weight control, asking permission from landowners, how falconry meets work, and keeping the game from spoiling.